Men’s Sapphire Crystal Hollow Design Automatic Wristwatches




    Series Titanium Stainless Steel Case Sapphire Crystal Hollow-Design Automatic Men’s Mechanical Watch

    Model: Blue, Gold: The case is plated with titanium

    Model: Purple, Orange, Silver: The case is stainless steel.

    1. The award-winning niche designer brand CIGADesign Xijia 2021 new2. The hot wrist accessory item in the summer of 2021-Gorilla, a cool mechanical watch worn by many celebrity bloggers3. The inner and outer double-shell three-dimensional case structure of Cyberwind is connected by flexible springs. The inner and outer shells can be pressed and moved reversibly, making it a trendy game with mechanical black technology equipment on the wrist (see core selling point 1 for details)4. The square double-sided hollow design is full of mechanical sense, the gospel of color control, and mechanical control (see core selling point 3 for details)5. Independent research and development of the X-type movement. The square case encloses four triangles to form the most stable structure in physics, ensuring the movement’s stable operation and showing a unique visual beauty and tension (see core selling point 2 for details)6. X-shaped literally filled with Swiss super luminous, the night is cooler (see core selling point 4 for details)7. Double straps can be at will, standard hollow food-grade silicone straps, flexible and anti-allergic and more durable; gift nano-coated nylon straps, breathable, waterproof, and dustproof, enjoy outdoor fun8. The packaging box integrates storage boxes, ornaments, and racks. One box is multi-purpose, and there are rich creative peripherals inside.

    Specific Information

    Brand: CIGAModel: X021、X011SIZE: 44.0mm*48.0mm(excluding crown)48.0mm*48.0mm(with crown)THICKNESS:11.8mm LENGTH: 258mm(with Nylon Strap)259mm(with Silicone Strap)WEIGHT: Titanium Version:58gStainless Steel Version: 74g(Black)Stainless Steel Version: 77g(Silver) Silicone Strap: 20gNylon Strap:16gCASE MATERIAL: Titanium/Stainless Steel BAND MATERIAL: Silicone Strap/ Nylon Strap WATCH COVER: Sapphire Glass(Front)Mineral Crystal Glass(Back)RUNNING TIME: 40 Hours MOVEMENT: Original Developed Mechanical Movement(named CIGA-X01)

    Additional information


    Purple, Gold, Orange, Silver, Blue


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